About R&M Custom Contractors located in Trumbull, Fairfield County, Connecticut:

Everyone has or knows of a bad contractor story. Stories like that represent the genesis of R&M Custom Contractors….

The economic situation in the early 1990’s created a void for competent contractors. After personally working for several incompetent contractors and having to constantly struggle for a weekly paycheck, it became clear to me that the keys to success in this business are held by a satisfied homeowner. If I could provide and promise honesty, reliability and quality craftsmanship, I would never have to struggle for payment. R&M Custom Contractors was formed, and my long list of satisfied customers had begun.

As business and the economy began to grow, I noticed there was a demand for knowledgeable and skilled excavators and septic system installers. In 1996, in response to that demand, R&M extended their services to include an Excavation division. We know what it takes to provide all the services you’re looking for and complete every job in a timely manner. If you’re looking for superior contract work and timely project completion on your schedule, then give R&M Excavation Division a call today!

In 1998, the painting requirements increased to such an overwhelming volume for R&M Custom Contractors that it was necessary to form a painting division to meet the needs of our customers. R&M Painting was formed. Now, with multiple crew’s and vans in service, we have the flexibility to accommodate both returning & new customers as well as serve our own carpentry division in their renovations/additions and new custom home construction.

Finally, while finishing my own new custom home in 2002, I searched to find a masonry sub-contractor whose craftsmanship could compliment the detail that a custom home requires. I needed tradesmen who were qualified, honest and dependable. So, after considerable disappointment in my search, I hired and established a crew to solve my problem. I then decided to satisfy my customer’s needs and requirements for their masonry projects. R&M Masonry Division was then established…